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The Dog Fitness Craze!

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Our love of dogs is reflected in the fact that 44 million of us are owners. Sadly half are overweight.

If your already familiar with Dogs N Motion then you know I’m obsessed with dog fitness and for good reason. Lack of exercise is a gateway to health and behavioral problems.

My dog walking company works with busy dog owners and I gently remind them that a few leisurely strolls around the block each day is not adequate.

...fantastic opportunity to bond with your pooch on the weekend doing what you both love.

It’s tough. I get it. Work, and other obligations are real obstacles. To their credit, owners today are more inclined than in the past to see canine exercise as a priority.

The marketplace has taken notice and there’s an array of products out there to help get your pup in tip top shape. Such as GPS sensors worn by your dog so you can see how much exercise they’re getting. Dog treadmills, canine fitness equipment and pet fitness robots that serves as your dog’s personal trainer.

Treadmills and robots notwithstanding, I prefer to dash through the woods, dogs in tow, over streams, up and over rocks come rain, snow or shine. Its a great workout for the pups and a great job for me.

If you’re thinking about getting more personally involved with your dogs fitness check out these weekend opportunities.

  • Skijoring – Just in time for winter. you’ll ride on skies and your dog will be in front of you, pulling you through the snow. It just may change your life!

  • Flyball - a relay race. Where dogs jump over a series of low hurdles to push a spring-loaded pad with their paws which release a tennis ball. They then race back over the hurdles and bring back the ball to their handlers and the next dog in the team goes.

  • Dog Dancing - It’s you and your dog dancing. You’ve trained him/her to perform specific tricks set to music. Just like in partnered dancing, you both are moving together with the dog performing his tricks and you performing specific motions.

  • Carnicross - is among the fastest-growing sports in the USA. It’s cross country running with dogs and it is dog powered, so they are harnessed, attached to the human and run as a team.

  • Dock Diving - a dog sport in which dogs compete by jumping for distance or height from a dock into a body of water. The goal? To have the longest jump possible.

  • Barn Hunt - Dogs and their handlers work as a team to locate and mark rats. A good way to test the nose, speed, agility, and sure-footedness of dogs that have a history of above-ground vermin hunting.

These are just some of the fantastic opportunities out there to bond with your pooch on the weekend doing what you both love.

During the work-week, I suggest hiring an active lifestyle dog walking company like Dogs N Motion and you’ll have an unbeatable combination.

To find out more of what we do please click the link below.

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