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Why Dogs Fall for Autumn

To a dog, the Autumn wind is like suddenly getting 5G internet connection after you’ve been on 3G all summer long.

I don’t know when it started, but Autumn has been my favorite time of the year since I can remember. I’ve always thought this was because I was born in February during a snow storm and the fact I’ve always preferred cooler weather. Whether or not the two are related, the truth is, Autumn is an exciting time of year with bursting colors and the promise of the holidays. There’s nothing better than walking on a bed of crunching leaves along a breezy woodland trail. Humans aren’t the only ones who love this time of year. So do our pups. I venture to say Autumn is a dogs’ favorite season.

Cooler Temperatures

Humans may dream of outdoor summer activities and the hot sun against their skin but dogs, I venture, dream of the shade and the inviting cool temperatures of Autumn. When the temperature drops, dogs often become energized and playful. (Probably due to the fact that cooler temps ease a dogs ability to regulate heat so they’re more energetic) So, while you may be bundling up against the cold, your pup is raring to go.

Wind Crazy

It’s a common saying among us dog-walkers that the wind makes dogs go “crazy”. What a treat to watch pups streaking across a field, or tearing through the woods given chase or being chased; wrestling and barking all done in hyper drive. This is what the wind does to some dogs.

It’s no wonder the winds of Autumn, with its unfamiliar smells from far away, motivates a dog. With 220 million olfactory cells in their snouts, it’s akin to a turbocharge air scoop enabling dogs to pick up on all kinds of sensory information. Next time you see your dog’s nose pointed to the wind, his/her eyes closed and nostrils twitching, it's a behavior similar to reading the air like a book. Better yet, its like getting 5G internet connection after you’ve been on 3G all Summer long.

Dog Friendly

Summer is hot. Sometimes too warm for dogs. Sidewalks, concrete, metal, pavement, and asphalt temperatures can exceed 145° F! That’s one big reason why we here at Dogs ‘N Motion avoid these surfaces like the plague.

In fact, we walk our pups exclusively on cool woodland trails throughout the year. With the cooler weather, your dog has nothing to worry about and can enjoy a neighborhood walk sniffing at all your neighbors’ Halloween decorations.

The Great Bug Exodus.

Summer is filled with bees, wasps, hornets, fire ants and

other biting, stinging bugs that can make life miserable for dogs. Don’t get me started on biting horse flies. My dog hates them. Bitten once too many, she’s developed a flying bug phobia. A mere butterfly can set my dog into a panic. Lucky

for her and pups far and wide, this time of the year is the

start of the great bug exodus. Changing leaves and falling temperatures is a signal to pests to seek warmer temps or freeze to death. That’s good news to dogs everywhere and

why pups fall for Autumn.

Contact us for all of your other dog walking needs or for any tips that might make your life with your pup, easier, healthier and happier.

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